green pepper seasoning

Enjoy the Carnival 🙂. I’ve noticed that, after I’ve made the seasoning and refrigerated it for some days, there is a liquid layer on top. Forgot to mention… this makes about 3 cups of green seasoning. I have had 3 of the same kind! I totally agree and I am from Trinidad. thanks for the tip about using ice trays.Will try it sometime. Thank you for making my cooking life so much easier. I am Jamaican Indian and have the indian background also. Let me first say, I love your site! Is the onion and ginger too much? Hey, I was thinking of chucking a cube of this into a seafood risotto. It not only increase the flavour of the food but enhances the look of the food My mom used a cut down version when making curries of any kind.. Looking forward to coninue this conversation! Thanks. I have a Trinidadian friend who made a jar of this for me to keep on hand for meat marinades. Add all the ingredients, minus the water, to a food processor and pulse into a paste. Hey Chris, out in Queens, NY cilantro and bandanya smell nothing alike loll…I LOVE the smell and taste of bandanya but i use both…i guess you get better cilantro in Canada! Regards, I wish I could readily get bandanya, but that’s not the case unless I drive ah hr into Toronto. I just found your site yesterday; its great. However you have the choice at this point to make a bit more chunky-like if you wish. I too use green seasoning, but I do not put onions. You are doing a great job and all the best. My question now is, how much to use, for this seasoning instead of the cylantro? It is so nice to find a genuine site dedicated to the preservation of all our favourite Caribbean dishes. I would appreciate having some recipes for foods that can be served at a cocktail as well as breakfast recipes. I like it spicy and hot. New to your site & love it! Someone makes it here in London and charges £5 per bottle (and a small bottle too). Speaking about pimento, that's got to be the best pepper for adding flavour to a dish you could ever find. Love receiving your emails. That part about freezing the seasoning in ice trays is a very good idea, I think it’s very convenient. Indonesia Eats on the Winnipeg Free Press and Indonesian Food Festival 2009, FRIED GREEN PLANTAIN WITH SHRIMP AND AVOCADO. I seasoned the pork up last night and will cook the pork up for the special bday dinner tonight. Whenever she marinated fish in it before cooking, I would – despite being a child who hated fish – lick my lips and eat it all up! Then someone stole the glass off my porch (left by my daughter) and I bought another glass. Lovely – so easy to make and better tasting than the stuff you get in the W.I. it’s very mild, but as will all peppers, the odd one can have a bit of heat. Chris, This stuff is great. Excellent! Since you asked specifically for green pepper substitute that's what I will dwell on. We had no idea that this was a key ingredient. If you think Ontario is a challenge, you have NO idea. Be blessed and keep up the wonderful work. Hello Chris. Nadia, this seems to be the one ingredient everyone’s commenting about. Hi chris this is jennifer, thank you for including me in your site on carrbbbean pot. I usually get mine Fresh from Back home TNT now when it runs out I can always settle for this until i get a new batch. I look forward to all your videos and have used your ideas to refine my own knowledge and recipes. CURRIED CHICKEN | A Taste of the Caribbean! will be cooking a lot of trini foods now…tks a million. Thak you so much for your emails. I am hooked and so are my kids. Hazel Eckert. i use all the ingredients along with shado benni ,hot pepper,sweet pepper and ginger also salt to taste which helps with the colour change. !happy carnival!! I've been getting it in my local Shoprite, and Walmart. I enjoy your site very much and look forward to what new dishes u might have posted. the recipes brought back memories from my childhood days in T'dad..been in Canada 42 yrs with minor differences. I love your site. My recipe for my green seasoning peppers,thyme,spanish thyme,parsley green onion, garlic and onion. Thanks so much for this recipe in particular. Your site actually have me cooking a bit more often, much to the delight of my husband.Commenting on the green seasoning I normally add a few spice clove this adds a true granny use to make it taste,try it.To stew chicken or stew beef a piece of cucumber added give it real sweethand taste these are few of my secrets ingredients. Im from Puerto Rico and my husband from Trinidad. Saute onion until translucent. One other option I would give to separating and freezing is adding Vinegar. Chris I am Trinidadian living in London. I'd love to add Spanish Thyme and Pimento, but though we get just about everything as we would home, the stores just don't stock theses. I used it on some haddock that I baked in the oven and it was do delicious! I live in Trinidad an love to experiment with our local dishes. i know my stuff will taste really good using it. It was just like Trinidad green seasoning!! I saw the question about pimento. Happy Easter Monday Thank you so much. Instructions very clear and detailed. Hi Chris, I always cook with freshly chopped seasoning . Again I love the site…keep up the great work. I stumbled onto your site while searching for an authentic Guyanese or Trini curry shrimp recipe. Sent by Shep Editor: Readers, what do you recommend? They have the plants, and if you are near Toronto, you can probably go to their greenhouses to get the plants. just about all ‘meat’ and ‘fish’ dishes as a marinade. Chris I purchased the same blender in 1981 it still works I have the plastic puree jar only the glass jar broke; it took care of 3 generations of baby foods, callaloo, seasonings, coconut, peanut punch and ice for the drinks over time, it was a great investment. Good Luck & thanks for your web-site. 6/5/15 Marinade, then proceed with the process you use for making such. I'll be in TnT in September, so you know I'll be stocking up on pimento peppers. Ask a hardware store to order, or try a local goodwill or thirst store to find a replacement. also called ‘seasoning peppers’ Not sure what other name they may be know as. Hazell-Ann, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. hi Chris, Shado beni as is known back home is very different here in London , I will substitute corianda in my green seasoning mix. Anyway, these above ingredients are as absolutely distinctive and essential to Puerto Rican cooking as they are to that of Trinidad or St. Lucia, and it is a beautiful thing to see how much they are loved and appreciated across the Caribbean. Yea, that prehistoric beast needs to be replaced soon. Using ice cube trays is great for a lot of things. Personally I like to liquify my blend to the consistency of pesto or even a bit more liquid. Chris, She has shared a few recipes with me but when I stumbled upon this site looking for a recipe for oxtails, I fell in love. with much thanks and appreciation! //

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