About Us

Who We Are

After our daughter was born in 2005 the whole family decided to become vegetarians even though Kristina had slowly converted to this lifestyle when we all moved down to Spain 2004. A fairly simple choice to make when you live on the Costa del Sol in south Spain where the abundance of fresh vegetables is endless throughout the year.

Our daughter has grown up knowing how to care for the ground, love the living and nurture the plants for a healthy living. She has never had any doctor visits and she is turning 12-years now. It’s become a part of her and when asked why she is a Vegan; she just replies – “Why would I eat anything else? The strongest animals eat vegetables and fruit. Herbivore animals live the longest. Elephants live up to 70 years, Gorillas up to 40 years, Zebras, Gnus and other antelopes live up to 25 years. The Lions, Cheetahs and Pumas – all being carnivores don’t live so long.”

Deciding in the family to cut out dairy products, and go 100% Vegan eating only plant based food was an even simpler choice to make. This led us to experiment and cook even more different food and try different recipes and start making our own versions of all kinds of great things mother earth is bringing us out there. And when you really put your hearth into how it should really taste like – magic happens. To be honest, loads of stuff that are Vegan or Vegetarian you are served in restaurants simply don’t taste good – or anything for that matter.

We are looking forward to adding even more products into the Harmony Choice product range as times goes by. Dedicated to deliver excellent, healthy and locally grown plant based foods to everyone that takes their lifestyle serious.