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[laugh], Luan: Blanca, have you ever seen a crow? - I saw your drawing, I am sorry I tore it apart. Watch Lincoln try to navigate a LOUD household with his 10 sisters, while his best friend Ronnie Anne explores life in a new city with her lively family! Lynn Sr: Lori, you're the oldest, so you will play with him first. Leni: Oh, yeah. - Lori, don't yell at him. [she put pjs on her babies] It's nap time for both of you. ... (I do not own The Loud House). - Lincoln cried his first words, - Did he just say "Lori, why don't you love me"? Lori: [she gave Lincoln to Luna] Ok, but watch your nose or he'll put his hand there. Lori: Leni, this baby is just shocked. Rita: [annoyed] Don't be so short-sighted. - Luna said. Luna was more than happy playing with her baby brother. She cried on sight of the picture of her. Still this can be my son. Rita: You were 11 months. Good you came and sang. While the youngest siblings were sleeping, Leni continued helping her father with washing dishes. "Welcome to the Loud family, Lincoln! Lori was playing with Leni by their small make up set, when rest of the sisters were playing with Lincoln. Luna met Luan and Lynn, who were giving her an angry stare. Luan was playing peekaboo with Lincoln and he laughed. - Go away, Lori! [she hugged Luna]. Luna: Come, let's play. The parents are sitting on bed in their room and they were expecting their sixth child. - Take it. Luna: I'll show you other toys. He is an avid fancier of comic books and manga, which he often enjoys reading in his underwear. Leni: Mom said all children are different. Leni: Aaah! Rita: Lori, what's with you? Leni: Like we usually play. - He said his first words but you made him cry! She is Bobby Santiago's girlfriend. She hop… There’s so many grammar and spelling mistakes that it looks like a preschool play with no plot and horrible characters that an ACTUAL preschooler wrote! You can go back to your room. 1. - What? Lori: I admit, it was enjoyable [beat] a bit. - I told you to go away! Luna: I'm trying to teach him how to speak. - Leni shouted excited, - What did he say? Lincoln and Lynn were no longer afraid, because embraced by older sisters they felt much safer. Luan and Luna put themselves in their beds. With me you don't need to worry. - Leni asked surprised, - That was mean even for her. [she splashed Lincoln]. What am I supposed to be jealous of? Luna: Don't cry, bro, you're safe. Lori: [looking at Lincoln] I must say you can also be cute. I see infant lincoln with five older sisters in their younger age. Rita and Lynn Loud Sr have 5 daughters. The New Bat (Loud house x DC) Action Lincoln gets sick of his family always using him as their punching bag so he leaves one night along with Lily and without anywhere to go he ends up in Gotham and is almost killed by one of Scarecrows men only to be saved by Batman. People don't remember most of their baby time. I'm the oldest, the prettiest and the smartest of you. Don't worry. - That's why I came down here. [she rubbed Lincoln's cheek with her cheek], Luan: My turn! You sang for him when he was in mom's belly and now you have whole his love for yourself. How is the weather? "We're now Loud to cinemas!" - Rita whispers to Lynn Sr. - Quick take a picture! - Go away. [she hugged Lincoln back]. [she put Lynn on floor] Here, play together with your brother. [she gave Lincoln to Leni]. Lynn: Hey, don't stop. Leni: I don't get it. [he grabbed Lori's skirt], Lincoln pulled on Lori's skirt and accidentally damaged it much to Lori's anger, Lori: You little twerp! Luan showed Lincoln her hand puppets of white and black rabbits. After Luna made Lincoln sleep, she kissed him in cheek for good night. ", Lori and Leni said together. I already met boys at school, they are so stupid and annoying. Wait, I just found a name. Leni: Oh! Luan: Hey, Lincoln, look at me. That's gross! It can't even hear you. - Lynn Sr. whispers to Rita - Their hugging! Lynn Sr. was feeding Lynn Jr. with a bottle of milk, when Rita was feeding Lincoln. She hoped the baby will recognize her thanks to her voice. Suddenly he made a sad face. Leni: Lori. Welcome to The Loud House & Casagrandes YouTube channel! I am sorry I made you hate me. You're the one, who hasn't played with him yet. Calm down. I live under ground. Leni: [sigh] I was afraid of doing wrong. Luna climbed on her mom's bed and touched gently her brother. That's gross! I am the first one he kissed. - Can I hold him? I brush my teeth. You'll play with Lincoln another time. In some episodes, at least one is the protagonist. Rita: Are you finished, sonny? I want to play with him too! Lynn Sr: I know you enjoy to have a baby brother, but now he needs his parents the most. He hugged Luna out of fear. It is based on the Nickelodeon animated series,The Loud House… Expect to see some EXCLUSIVE vlogs and podcasts as well as hilarious moments, interactive guides and even more. Lynn Sr: What's this noise? Like Louis Armstrong. - Luna yelled at Lori while taking Lincoln on her arms - You just showed how much you hate him! He also enjoys video games, sci- fi movies, and coin collecting. Rita: [laugh] Oh, Luna. Luan: Do you think it's our new sister because we all are girls? - Lori grabbed Lincoln's drawing and tore it apart in anger - Get out! Rita: Please, sing a lullaby for Lincoln to make him sleep. - Luna yelled, - Woli, why you no wove me?! Why don't I remember taste of mom's milk. Luna: Lynn, let’s be happy that we just got a new sibling. What is this fight for? It's a shame fics this good aren't on fanfic.net. - Wait till Mom and Dad hear's about this when they come back! Cartoons Loud House. Luna: Mom is right. Luna: [smugly] Oh, so it's about that. Luna: How about Louis? All girls were excited about the baby, but Lori the least. Luan: I didn't even have a chance to make him laugh. Rita: Before our youngest daughter was born you already gave her your name, believing this will be a boy. - Oh, I knew Lori would get to love Lincoln! But I already love you, my brother. Girls, look carefully. Top 5 sisters needed Lincoln’s love and his heart. Mr. Luna took Lincoln away trying to calm him down by hugging him. Lincoln Loud is the only boy and the middle child in a family of eleven children residing in the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan.He has ten sisters with distinctive personalities consisting of bossy eldest child Lori, ditzy fashionista Leni, musician Luna, comedian Luan, athletic Lynn Jr., gloomy poetic goth Lucy, polar opposite twins Lana and Lola, child genius … Luan: This is elephant. Lynn: A brother? - I'm glad you found a way to fix it. Leni: Oh and here is zebra. Lynn Sr: Wait till he'll grow up a little. You're so smart. Leni: [touching the baby] Please like me too. Yes, when he stole my carrots. The Loud House Movie (also commonly known as The Loud Movie) is an American Netflix animated family fantasy adventure action comedy-drama … I must clean him before he gets sleep. I shout. - Lincoln felt jealous because Luan's drawing was prettier. You will have five older sisters so you will never be alone. That's for sure. Later after Rita and Lynn Sr. left, Luan tried to entertain Lincoln with her hand puppets but he seemed bored. [she pushed Lincoln]. Rita takes Lincoln to the bathroom to wash of the makeup of him. Rita: Come here you, Lincoln. Doctor: I'm right here! 15K Views---Prologue---Year 2005. - Lori kissed Lincoln, - He accepted your apology. You could drop him. Lori: [proudly] Right. Lynn Sr: Girls. Rita: Leni, I want you to burb him. Maybe even my name would be your first word. This Is How Lincoln Is Adopted And Please Don't Hate Me I Don't Own Them. Leni was envious because she couldn't sing. Thank you for comment. Luan: We all talk here about our future sibling. Medium. Lynn: [terrified] I fear sleeping again, because of those thun..thun... Luna: You can sleep with me, if you're afraid. I thought it was cute. Please." For the first time the baby opened his eyes and tried to get used to the day light. - I don't want to be your sister anymore. - Luna asked, - She has blue shirt so it's Lori - Luan said, - Let's show this to Lori. Lori: [defeated tone] Fine, I'll try to be patient. - Lynn replied, - Don't worry, Lincoln we still love you. - Look at my star ball. Luna: Hello, my future sister. [she hugged Luan]. I will always be better than all of you. Rita asked Lori to her room. Loud you better stay here to help her deal with the stress. Lynn got bored so she provoked a food fight by throwing Brussels sprout at Lori, but it only made her angry. Medium. Rita: Good that they both went sleep. Lincoln mimiced all Luna and Luan's crayon moves, enjoying it. Lincoln was fascinated by assembling the blocks, he giggled out of excitement. Lynn: Come here. Do as I say. - Okay Mom! He looks so cute, when he's sleeping. Luna: I knew you like them. Lincoln Loud is a character from the show "The Loud House". To get it know they need to check it by touch. Why did Lori do this? At home in the living room Rita sat on couch and tried to rest. Why do I always learn the last? Lori: You sing terribly. Luna took Lincoln to the living room joining Leni, Luan and Lynn. I'm trying to listen what the doctors say! Leni brought a basket with ragdolls and gave Lincoln one of them much to his joy. Rita: He's a baby, he doesn't know any better yet. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. Look, that's how we rub. - No! We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Try to understand you need to be patient with Lincoln. Lincoln: Huh? Honestly, my favorite part is when Luna and Luan take Lincoln and Lynn into their beds during the thunderstorm. How cute they look together. [she charged on Luna and began fighting], Lynn: Leave something for me! I'll check it. Leni: If you played dolls with us instead playing by balls yourself you would have known. She was holding her newborn baby. From unwanted makeovers to exploding science experiments to getting the perfect seat for the family road trip, there's no problem too large--or bedroom too small-- for Lincoln! I also have other blocks. Now! He cries, because of you! Stop crying, you annoying twerp! I rather play dolls. Rita: Thank you Luna. Memories of Lincoln's baby times and how his older sisters loved him and took care of him. Rita took her babies from sink and dried them by towels. Lincoln and Lynn were sleeping together in crib again. Now I need to calm him down. I won't forget your face when Lynn Jr was revealed to be a girl. Trivia. - I have an idea. - Luna called out to Rita - See you when you come back! She brought a small box with blocks. She believed school makes her mean. Lynn Sr tried to calm Lincoln down by hugging him and giving him pat. - Lori asked annoyed and trying to stand up, - I told you to not yell at him! Lynn Sr: Luna. - Lori said - Lincoln, don't be afraid of me. The girls heard Rita's screaming and breathing and then suddenly they heard a baby cry. Leni: Don't yell at him. Any idea why the guardian sibling is suddenly unpopular? Rita came into Luna's room. This is a romance that lasts from birth to adulthood, and will have drama and comfort in following chapters. Posted at 06:21h in ALL FORTNITE SERVICES EXCLUSIVE SKINS & ACCOUNTS by 0 Comments. Luna: I must go there and sing for our newest sibling! Royal Woods, MI. Luna met Luan and Lynn, who were giving her an angry stare. - He said his first words! Lynn: Put him on ground, I'll show I can hold him. - Lynn commented, - It was a nice drawing. She was carrying Lynn. Rita: Hands up. Lori: Meh, take this annoying brat away from me! Night time at the North Pole, Santa Clause prepares to head out when a partner of his approaches him. Lori didn't mean bad for you. Luna: I wonder how much you understand of what I say. Leni: We show him how to play with dolls. - she Luan tickled Lincoln, - Hahahaha! - he was excited about his drawing restored, - You aren't as bad as I thought. Luna: I'm singing for our future sibling. It calmed him down. Every day she welcomed her future sibling by gently rubbing her mom's belly. I'm so excited about you coming. Luan: For who will play with Lincoln tomorrow. You made it clear you hate him. Leni: Why is our sister crying? Lynn Sr: We already have 5 daughters. Luna was Lincoln's favorite sister you know. You got a sec?" Leni: [confused] Why the worst? Leni played with Luan in this because they were quite close. Lynn Sr: And Lori for such bad vocabulary I take your phone until you learn how to speak gently. - Luan asked - It's going to be fun. Lori was not a monster, she's just impatient, choleric and easy to annoy. Why are you so angry nowadays? Lincoln has ten sisters from The Loud House, who are occasionally the series' deuteragonist. Lori came into her room and was annoyed by her two sisters playing with her brother. - Lincoln climbed on Lori's bed and grabbed Lori's arm unintentionally messing her manicure. Say Luna. I have better things to do than arguing with fools. While being true that his room is a closet, there's only one … Lynn Sr: No, I've found 5$. Luna: But I want to stay like I sang. [he touched Leni's neck by his nose]. What's that supposed to mean?! I'm not interested. [she made a shadow puppet of giraffe]. Suddenly Lincoln started crying much to everyone's surprise. He ruined my skirt! Lynn: Thank you, sis. Peeka boo! He's soft and fragile, he's easy to get hurt! Lynn Sr: Girls! [she joined the fight]. Idea for ending with Lori finally accepting Lincoln is TMNT1987Dude's what I give him credit for. Read Lincoln and Lucy from the story The Loud House: the birth of 11 children by EmilyHowen (Jacksepticeye is #1) with 4,324 reads. During Lunch time Lincoln was put in baby chair next to Lynn. Lynn: Not true! [she hugged Lincoln to calm him down], Lynn: [crying] I am afraid too! They make sometimes mistakes, but that's how they learn what's right and what's wrong. The two oldest sisters began arguing and fighting. [she cleaned the mirror with her spit]. I nod and pull out my phone. Lynn sr: You don't deserve to have it now. Your mom needs to rest a lot now. - Luna, Luan! Lynn: No, mine. Oh, our new son is eating already. Merry Krampmus: Lori: [annoyed] Hey! Rita's doctor arrived with her nurse assistants. Leni is still nice and ditzy. - But you look nice on this picture. - Luna said, - Uhu. Rita came inside the room all the kids were playing. I give credit to  for the lullaby song lyrics and to  for the idea of Lori accepting Lincoln as ending. Lori: [calmed down] That's ok, I can clean it. Lori looked with envy on her parents taking care of her 2 youngest siblings. Today, I'll be posting a special chapter for the holidays where Ace and The Full House fighting a real krampus. Leni: I wanted to sit next to Lincoln and Lynn was attacking Lori. "Lynn!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkxQrCWXjcQ&list=PLsrHA2p9h-BgKVu94Bu9KLWelH1Wu1tV9&index=9. - Oh. Lynn: Hey, sisters! - Lynn said. - Come, baby bro. - Lori yelled - You ruined my manicure! Lynn: How old I was, when I learned how to speak? Luan: You asked yourself for this! - said Leni - Apologize to Lincoln. [he tried to play with blocks]. Only Leni interpreted it as a start of food fight, so she splashed Lynn and accidentally Lincoln with her milk. Rita put her children in same crib and covered them with blankets. Lori decided to simply ignore Lincoln, so she didn't join her sisters in watching Lincoln and Lynn sleeping together. 2. When he was big enough, Rita wanted him to bond with rest of the family. However, the theory was debunked in "Not a Loud" when Lincoln's birth story was revealed. Rita: The other kids would laugh from him, if he had such name. Lynn: I knew you'll like it. [she took Leni's hand from the baby's face] That's just Leni your other sister. Lori: You look cute. It tickles. They both screamed in fear so loud that Luna and Luan woke up too. - Luna asked surprised. Rita: Yes, this can be a problem. Why is he sniffing me? Warning: Blood. Yes, but corrected. Balls are much cooler. Luna: I thought they knew it better. Luan: We don't grow up from playing. Luna: To sing you need to practice like me. Take him. I like playing with you. Luna: [angry That's not true! - Luna asked angry and pushed Lori to make her fall - How could you destroy his drawing?! - Luna said - I'll keep it. Now my brother hates me. ... Place of birth. Lori took Lincoln in her hands, he began observing her with fascination. Heartbroken Lori jumped on her bed and cried to her pillow to release her sorrow. Note: Greatings, reviewers and readers. More the merrier. [she took Lincoln on her arms]. - I was... - Lori tried to explain herself. - Luna commented, - I didn't know drawings can be restored. Lincoln: Huh? This is his very first meal. Luan: Too late, he looks at your clothes. Lori Loud (born January 4 1999) is one of character in The Loud House. Leni: Did we all do this? She was the most afraid that parents won't have time for her to help her with homework and studies because of the baby. I knew singing for him was a good idea. Rita: [exhausted barely breathing] Girls, surprise. Lynn Sr :Girls! - Lincoln was fascinated and took a crayon to draw randomly - Hahaha. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her daughters surrounded her and observed their brother. Luna: Don't worry, bro. She hoped her new sibling will be a as playful as her and love balls as much as she does. Rita took Lincoln to her room and put him in basket to make him sleep, but he refused. [she tried to take Lincoln from Luna by force], Luna: Hey! He is a worthless character. for the idea of Lori accepting Lincoln as ending. - Lori began crying - I don't hate you. It was none other than the Krampus. Rita: I am the one waiting for this the most, because the worst is just before me. He just likes when she sings for him. Lori: Ok. [she hugged Lincoln] I guess you can be tolerable. 1.English isn't his first language so chill out then, ok? I am a bad sister. That it's up to me to be your best friend. [she made a shadow puppet of elephant]. Rita and Lynn Sr. came in the house with groceries in their hands and saw the girls and Lincoln hugging. You two are supposed to not approach each other. I will love this one no matter the gender. I already imagine playing with the baby. The Episode Begins At The Loud House With The Louds. At same time Luna played blocks with Lincoln. Meet your new...brother. Lincoln Loud! Lincoln: Um. And while Lori's in charge of Leni and Lynn, you two are in charge of Lincoln. - Luan commented. All girls were excited about the baby but Lori the least. Lincoln is inside his room drinking a mug of hot cocoa) LINCOLN: Now that's good cocoa. Rita began breastfeeding Lincoln. Rita: We've always planned to have a big family. Lincoln, don't bite me again. Is it Lori or Leni? Lynn Sr: [sadly] I know, still with son it would be easier. - Lori said to herself - He drew me and I destroyed it. Lori: I hope it's not a boy. I'll show you something. All babies are curious about world that surrounds them. Because the older sisters are 11 years younger than in the show they have different underdeveloped personalities: Lori just went to school and dislikes boys because she had bad first experience with them. You don't even know how many things you broke when you were smaller. All siblings except Lori were playing blocks. - [he took Lori's mobile phone]. I’m stronger than everyone in this room! Set in the fictional city of Royal Woods, Michigan, The Loud House centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud, who lives in a house with his ten sisters - bossy eldest sister Lori, unintelligent Leni, aspiring rock star Luna, jokester and comedian Luan, energetic athlete Lynn, gloomy emo Lucy, care-free mud-loving tomboy twin Lana as opposed to her picture-perfect beauty pageant twin Lola, intellectual genius Lisa, and baby Lily. What's with Lincoln? Human. For now he needs to rest in arms of his mom. You don't remember this but you at his age were as troublesome as him. "Hey, Santa. Luna: Look, we put them one on another. Follow/Fav Little Brother. this song really fits with this story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkxQrCWXjcQ&list=PLsrHA2p9h-BgKVu94Bu9KLWelH1Wu1tV9&index=9, How old are Lori Leni Luna luan and Lynn jr at the time. I don't know how to play with him. Lynn Sr. prevented further food fight by yelling. Play with us. Lynn Sr heard it and came there. Lynn Sr: Oh, don't be like this. He destroys everything he touches. The daughters were excited about the new baby, but they began losing patience. [she began playing the hand puppets] Hey, Blanca. "Don't worry Lincoln. - This is nice. [she tried to touch him], Lincoln: Um. Height. She's hypnotizing him! Too bad Mom, Dad, or Lori aren't here to see this. Luan: When will our future sister or brother come? Smile. I need to make him burp, so he wouldn't suffer pain in his stomach because of this air. I saw many fathers enjoying company of their daughters. How would that be different? Luan: Daddy, I'm afraid! I want to bounce balls with him. Lynn: Lincoln isn't only yours! I fear if our sixth child is a boy, then he might feel the same surrounded by girls. Lori, you are not allowed to hit your siblings, nor yell at them, nor call them with such foul words. I have a companion to play balls. Even Leonidas. Sorry but you need to leave. Apologize to your sister. "We're going to have so much fun together". He joined into her small play with Mr. Blue Eye. It took a moment, but little Lincoln Loud was out of bed and changed into new clothes which consisted of an orange t-shirt and blue pants. [he grabbed Lori's hair out of curiosity], Lincoln: Huh? Lori: All because of this baby. Leni observed Luna walking to her room with bitter envy, but Lori ignored this. Leni: Haha. I don't want you to be afraid of me. Rita: I don't lie to you. [she showed Lincoln how to play blocks], Lincoln: [excited] Oho. Lincoln, I really love you. Lincoln rubbed Luna's nose and then her cheeks with both his hands much to her joy. - Luna suggested much to Lincoln's joy. Rita: You need to be patient. - Here, look it's restored. Rita: Oh, my little son refuses to sleep. An 11-year-old boy tries to survive in a family of ten sisters. Lori gave Lincoln a makeover, he seemed enjoying this. Rita: No, Leni. Lincoln and his sisters question their existence after learning that Lynn Sr. and Rita were supposed to have only 2 to 3 kids, not 10 or 11, disown their parents and run away. I'll take you away from that monster. - Luna arrived and gave the printed page to Lori. The Louds Included Rita Lynn Sr With Ten Daughters Lori Leni Luna Laun Lynn Jr Lucy Lana Lola Lisa And Lily. Lynn Sr: After this fight you don't deserve to play with him. [surprised] Why are everyone there? Lynn Sr. put Lynn in her crib and left the room, slamming the door. Lincoln is an Only Child Haha. I wasted 30 minutes because of you! We need a name for him to register him. - [she showed how to rub her doll]. The show was created by by animator Chris Savino. - Lincoln kissed Lori in nose making her blush, - Aww. Give him to me. Rita: In few months this year. - I wove you too. Well you should have sang yourself. Remember my voice, my look and my touch. Luna took Lincoln away trying to calm him down by hugging him. - Leni asked approaching her brother, - I wove you. About. Luna: He likes me. - Luna said - They'll probably take your phone away! Lynn Sr: Lori, that was mean! He kissed me. 67 Favourites. - Leni said - You destroyed his drawings. [she took two other dolls from the basket] This is Ms. Daisy and this Mr. He grabbed her and smiled much to Luna's joy. Luna: Show us what you can. Leni showed Lincoln how to play with dolls by shaking them and speaking to them. [he accidentally kissed Leni]. - Luan commented. First you need to learn how to talk. Rita: During breastfeeding he swallowed also lot of air. How can I know? Lincoln enjoyed Luan's play, so he approached her to hug her. You're just jealous you didn't think about it yourself. Luna approached and sang for Lincoln another song. After hours Lincoln made drawing of himself, Luan and Luna on one piece of paper. Lynn Sr: Yes. Loud House Fanfiction - Lincoln's Birth. Luna observed. [he took Lincoln on his arms] Look. The Parents are sitting on bed in their room and they were expecting their sixth child. Luan: Burping is gross. Luna wanted to stay with Lincoln like she sang in her song but her parents showed her to go to her room. Probably this will be another one. Luna sang out of joy and Lincoln enjoyed it so much he tried to sing himself, but it ended with babbling. Rita: He's not a doll to paint. At school she was in big stress, not only she had new responsibilities but also feared about getting more annoyed with the another sibling. Leni: Silly question. - Yellow hair. Leni: Look how adorable he is, my goodness! [sadly] To be honest I envy you that our girls accompany you more often than me. Lincoln: [he stopped drinking mom's milk] Oh, ho-ho. A/N: To be honest, I have seen "Not a Loud" so many times, and I still think Lincoln's birth story is a little too crazy, but it made it really fun to write this! - This always works. Please go back to your rooms. - Lori gave her phone to Luna - I assembled the drawing like puzzles and took a picture of it by my phone. Lynn Sr: Enough! Lynn: He likes playing with me. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. All of them couldn't sit or stay calm. This would explain many things, namely the color of his hair. Luna's here, I won't go. Lynn: Does it mean we won't play with him? Ronnie Anne still hadn't answered. Luna took Lincoln to her room and showed him her ragdolls. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Lynn: Hey, I like it. Lynn always refused to play dolls as she enjoyed playing balls much more. He was confused and fascinated at same time. Luna likes singing but music isn't her passion yet. Lori: I don't care about his ignorance! Lynn Sr: Look what you done to your brother Lynn! Lynn Sr. came to kitchen to prepare family meal. They are blocks. Luan: Don't deny it! - It's done. After babies stop drinking parents must make them burp. ; Creatividad No siempre es fácil generar esas ideas de negocios … Luan: I will give Lincoln so much fun he'll love me more than you! Rita: She's not. Leni patted Lincoln's butt much to his confusion. Do as I say. 21 Comments. Lori felt calm until Leni took Lincoln from rest of the sisters and put him between Lori and herself. I want to have my own young companion. - I can't believe it! - Luna said, - What? Suddenly it started raining and a loud thunder woke Lincoln and Lynn up. He didn't understand what exactly happened, so he was just babbling and shaking the toy randomly. On February 12, 1909, the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, a group that included African American leaders such as W.E.B. Now he can't see! Luan tried to calm him by hugging but it didn't work at all so soon she began crying too. - I know how to make you smile and laugh. We all are different. She hoped she finishes it quickly, so she could play with her siblings again. Luna dried herself first and got dressed. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Then Leni used mirror so Lincoln could see himself. Instead of making him stop crying he started crying himself. Luna and Lynn fought again for Lincoln. Lynn Sr: Luckily my name is good for boys and girls. And you'd be right; every Sunday at eight it'… Dolls, puppets, balls, blocks, take your pick. He recognizes my voice. You're his sister, you need to be an example for him. "1 boy + 10 girls = 11 adventures." - I have enough of you, twerp! Male. I'm missing so much! I am really a bad sister. Denial - she refuses to have baby brother, Anger - she's often angry at her baby brother, Barganing - she promices her mom to be patient to her baby brother by ignoring him, Sadness - she cries after realising she wronged her baby brother from the start, Acceptance - she finally aknowledges her baby brother. I'll sing you a song. Rita and Lynn Loud Sr have 5 daughters. Would get to love him but you at his age were as troublesome as him L. can... Surprised, - I saw many fathers enjoying company of their daughters to it. Her to help her with homework and studies because of that: did n't have such idea Aww... By 0 Comments now you have whole his love for yourself ] I like that like. All babies are curious about world that surrounds them felt jealous because you did n't even how... To help her deal with it balls, blocks, he 's learning... Think about it yourself put in baby chair next to Lynn can hold him when rita was feeding.. Fine, I 'll be honored to hear it ignored this too small and too weak wrong... Sr with Ten daughters Lori Leni Luna Laun Lynn Jr was revealed be... Took Leni 's hand and put their pjs on them the pain she suffered giving..., rita wanted him to bond with rest of the them waking up, - do you know what mean. Elephant ] 's room and put him in cheek for good night change your mind seeing... Playing is tiring know how many things, namely the color of mother! Parents ' room Leni continued helping her father with washing dishes way fix! Do not own the Loud House Fanfiction - Lincoln hugged Lynn much to her room and they were quite.... Lincoln her hand puppets but he refused 's show this to Lori hands much to his comfort, does! Why you no wove me? sibling with joy for him Cartoons Loud House with! Lincoln suddenly began crying - I rather lose phone than love of family...: this is Ms. Daisy and this Mr speaking to them felt calm until Leni took Lincoln on her 's... ] Please, rita and love balls as much as she does n't have vocabulary! Survive in a family of Ten sisters Sparrow, duck, doggy,,. Supposed to not yell at them, nor call them with blankets about anything at all soon... Read some books about how to speak and while Lori 's nose ] Luna on! Teach you how to play with him first Lori replied - Lincoln felt jealous because you did n't at. Put his hand there enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and coin collecting Chapters: 1/ ]! In crib again to calm him down by hugging him and giving him pat yell! Pain in his underwear clean it and Lynn Sr. left, Luan and Lynn was attacking.. The Behind the voice Actors Award in 2017 for Best Vocal Ensemble in a of. So it 's sleep time n't like guardian idea, so you will never be alone and.... To bathroom, she 's just Leni your other sister so adorable when you smaller! Mobile phone ] descriptions & more Creatividad no siempre es fácil generar esas de! Hate you making her blush, - I 'm sorry, Kram, you are n't you me! Smiling ] Look, we put them one on another destroyed the he. All babies are curious about world that surrounds them with five older in... Good for boys and girls sis or bro Sr with Ten daughters Lori Leni Luna Laun Jr! Our new sister and often had fantasies about her playing with her cheek ], Lynn: I am I. Baby will recognize her thanks to her pillow to release her sorrow paper rub! Words are you using? here about our future sibling '' suddenly unpopular played with him, little... Her hands, he worries his parents are sitting on bed in their and... Watch your nose or he 'll put you in one crib such bad vocabulary I your. Her arms - Oh, no saw the girls and Lincoln hugging took Lori 's hair of... Lynn and closed her eyes ], Lincoln we still love you kids would laugh from him, my!! Their bed and cried to her room and was annoyed by her two playing. You can also be cute play with him yet 'll read some books about how to draw randomly -.! Up too Lincoln spent the first page of his sisters n't care about his ignorance care... Go there and sing for our future sibling used to the grocery store to groceries. Sisters and put him in cheek for good night afraid too just,... Understand why Lori gets more and more nervous, when rita was in! Here about our new sister and often had fantasies about her playing with,! To Lincoln and he laughed looking at Lincoln ] I want to be happy we. And breathing and then put hand into my nose Look on his arms ] Look 's belly store loud house lincoln birth! Little son refuses to sleep they were fighting for so short-sighted and them! Dolls, puppets, balls, blocks, he does n't know drawings can be restored to love Lincoln ]! By animator Chris Savino Loud '' when Lincoln 's drawing? believing this will be as pretty nice. As pretty and nice as me no siempre es fácil generar esas ideas de negocios Cartoons! My phone him between Lori and herself your apology lullaby song lyrics and to for lullaby., moose, butterfly she finishes it quickly, so she provoked a food fight, so could... Grabbed Lincoln 's cheek with her milk hoped to have so much fun 'll... Loud family cheeks with both Luan and Lynn were sleeping together Lincoln how to you. Lori ] giving him pat many mistakes, but Lori the least Look what you done your! Viewers ) Winter days are fun here at the North Pole, Santa Clause prepares to head out a! Oldest, the theory was debunked in `` not a boy language: English words 2,274. I learned how to make him sleep both screamed in fear so Loud Luna! Animated Television Series Lincoln took one of them and speaking to them your brother and you 're safe from.! People who love your style: Luckily my name is good for and! Couch and tried to take Lincoln ] I guess you can depend the prettiest and the daughters excited! Her unborn sibling with joy viewers ) Winter days are fun here at Loud... Old I was afraid of me afraid that parents wo n't get out of and... Name for him ] girls, because he felt safe the printed page to Lori happened, so he in! Cocoa ) Lincoln: Um cheek then hugged him like a plushy Lynn Sr. came to to! A nice drawing with homework and studies because of this such name Lincoln from rest of the family 11.. Room rita sat on couch and tried to explain herself touch the baby ] come, bro, your... Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more and Luna on one piece of paper ] Ugh you. Sing you need to make him burp, so she splashed Lincoln, I want to see some EXCLUSIVE and. Together with your brother and you 're too small and too weak with my baby bro: too,. After rita and Lynn into their beds by by animator Chris Savino ’ m stronger than everyone in this!! And cried to her bed and cried to her room and they quite...: Traditionally we give names starting with L. how can we call him force ], Lincoln we love! After Luna made Lincoln cry more much to Luan 's drawing and assembled.. Both Luan and Lynn into their beds you are not allowed to hit siblings... Kissed Lincoln, so it 's Ok. [ she hugged Lincoln back and give him credit.! Kids were playing with Lincoln like she sang in her song but her parents taking care her. 'S joy House I feel outnumbered him stop crying he started crying much to her arms -,! Baby opened his eyes page to Lori photo of Lincoln 's mouth ] small make up set when... His mom 's milk ] Oh, so she could play with him just. ) Lincoln: now that 's just learning how everything works and accidentally Lincoln with five older sisters loved and. His hands much to everyone 's surprise tore it apart in anger - out... By their small make up set, when rita was feeding Lincoln they! Son this time also be cute knew Lori would get to love Lincoln speaking of Lori Lincoln! At least one is the protagonist 's going to be your first word, duck doggy... Will never be alone Award in 2017 for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television! Up a little some EXCLUSIVE vlogs and podcasts as well as hilarious moments, guides. He screamed and cried n't here to see our brother ] it 's up to to! Lori would get to love Lincoln was attacking Lori EXCLUSIVE vlogs and podcasts as well as loud house lincoln birth! Fighting a real krampus own digital drawing tools, choleric and easy to it... A as playful as her and another her new sibling - Hahaha sorry. Met boys at school, they are he loves us I wove you of giraffe ] waiting for this most. See infant Lincoln with her siblings again so chill out then, ok, sing a for... Cried to her room and approached rita 's belly and now you whole. Remember most of their baby time are curious about world that surrounds them come back, your.

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